Why do we go to the movies?

Entertainment, must be the first word that popped through the brain, isn’t it? I’m sure everybody would asked themselves this.. but for those who’ve not quite figured it out yet… and for those who partially agree and need a push to believe what am about to say.. here it is..

No, its not entertainment, well over the start it is.. but then it becomes a habit.. and should I tell you way? cause everything is magical(Except for thrillers/horror movies.. that’s a different era, not capturing it here.. that may bring up a few dark sides.. :P), yup, we go to the movies cause everything is magical.. perfect story, happy ending.. etc..,etc..

Been to watch Two States today.. not an ardent fan of Chetan Bhagat.. but yeah.. after watching the movie got a bit of an insight on his life.. I now can say the guy really had the courage to go about what he wanted and is pretty successful and settled.. don’t really admire him.. but yeah, I truly appreciate what he has attained..

So, it gave me a thought, rather than going there and paying to stay in a magical world, why don’t we take all these stories as inspirations(I know a few people who do so.. trust me I’m on of ‘em and I know how it helps).. Inspirations to make our life magical, to drive on the passion to achieve what we want.. to achieve exactly the state of being we’ve in our brain as the definition of success, accomplishment, settling-state.. I know its easier said than done.. but all it takes is pursuit.. consistent effort until the moment arrives.. and trust me it does, it may take a while but it happens.. I know what I gotta have/achieve.. I’m working on it.. consistently.. are you? if not, Go ahead my friend.. go for it!

Cheers! :)

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Wanna Progress Exceptionally?? Keep Growing up.. :)

Not like physically.. :D its impossible for a human atleast.. unless its Doc Richard Reeds from Fantastic Four.. B-)

Well, enough with the jokes, let’s get serious now.. and not like hospital/ICU serious.. :D

Haha…!! hilarious? I know.. well let’s get to the point, the idea here is, if you really want to keep progressing in life, emotionally, professionally, spiritually, and in almost any ally.. you need to keep growing up.. you need to keep maturing, yes, there’s no end, no limit to the extent of maturity, clarity, expansion of thoughts, expansion of perception one can attain on the course of life.. its tremendous, its holly, and the best part is, if you see it correctly, if you pick up the lesson from the right angle, every next thing that occurs, supersedes the previous ones, vitalizes the thoughts even more, all you need is the right way to focus at it..

So, the bottom-line is if you really wanna keep growing/progressing, you need to be open-minded and not be caught up in you personal age-old beliefs born out of fear/failure, there are a lot of age-old beliefs which are good, but trust me the ones those are good aren’t born out of fear..

One really needs to be flexible towards every step of life.. be ready to adjust, a little less satisfied but slightly satisfied but always chasing what you want until you get it or you know what you actually wanted and you start chasing it with or without a break..

Be open to accepting things that are new to you.. rather than resisting.. remember Trial is better than denial.. always be open and accepting.. that way you’ll keep growing up.. you’ll keep maturing.. and nevertheless, you’ll keep progressing.. exceptionally.. yes! it adds on multi-fold.. :)

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Hurting me now.. rooting for the future you..

Baby m gonna go higher and higher. .
If you wanna settle low, it’s your desire. ..

The barrier you’ve been pressing at..
I know you’ve once been on the other side of that. .

Remember this and never forget. ..
Even if you’ll want, well you won’t be able to do that. .

You’ll have a crave and with time it’ll grow..
You may notice it now, but it’ll show. .

Time’s gonna dig in it’s reel..
And I can see there’ll be no heal..

But I ain’t at all like that..
I’m a humanitarian,I wish you all the best..

You can’t see what you missing at..
This side its glorious and holy, the side am at..

Baby it’s not me, its you, it’s always been you..
Hurting me now and rooting for the future you..


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Make peace with yourself..

Nothing complicated.. as simple as the title is.. yes, absolutely, that’s exactly what I want to say.. to myself.. to everyone reading this..

It applies to every single person who is focused and knows exactly what they’re looking from life.. acknowledge the fact that you’re aware.. many people are just living it.. without any focus point… just for the sake of it.. many people don’t know what their goal is and they’re confused.. at-least the best part in our case is that we know where we wanna be and what all we gotta do to be there… although we’re progressing slowly.. but aren’t things happening exactly the way you wanted them to be… may be not at this point.. but at some-point earlier in life..?

Priorities change from time-to-time so do likings.. but remember, once you focus on something and start moving towards it, keep this in mind, assimilate it that it takes time and you can’t change your targets all of a sudden, you’ll get the next stuff post the one you’re reaching for.. may be on the way.. but you never know.. in such cases.. when you find life moving slowly or with uncertainty.. the first thing to do is to Make Peace With Yourself!!

Absolutely, and its the best thing to do.. cause its life which controls the flow.. things will happen but remember no-one controls time.. at-least not us..you can’t rush into things, everything has its pace, all you can do is we can pursue some hit-and-trials to navigate through it.. one shouldn’t be negative about it… shouldn’t victimize thy-selves during such time.. cause this is the time when you need to hold faith in your-self and the happenings around you to get through. Take your mind off the process for a while.. until you see the next sign-board, have fun.. go on a trip.. go shopping.. but just not be down.. cause things are working and happening the way we want.. we just need to be patient enough for it to happen on its own once we have put in every effort we can.

Keep rocking!!

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Emotional Balance.. vouch for it.

Are you holding on to a lot of rage? are you shopping a lot(unnecessarily)? do you keep joking and laughing in Public, but, the moment you go alone you feel there’s nothing in life? its’ all boring and not interesting at all..

Well, if you answer yes to any of the above questions, its time, you start reflecting on your current priorities and course of action and most important course correction towards what upon reflection comes out to be ‘what you really want?’

Honestly, if you stand right besides yourself on this (yeah I know that sounds tossy, will post that sometime as to how could one be right besides oneself), if you truthfully reflect on the on-goings in your life, you’ll get the correct answer to what is it that’ll make you happy, the answer to upon attaining what you’ll really be fulfilled.

Of-course we’re humans and its human nature to always want more but the true purpose or say the true desire for someone over a period of time is just one.

Now, coming back to the question content… Rage, you hold on to it only when there have been cases where you felt you should have gone into an argument to the level other person has and beat ‘em down so hard that they never ever try to come up against you.. so you don’t do that at that moment, but later when you’re alone you crib saying all that you feel you should have at that moment.

Shopping a lot unnecessarily, trying to always look good on the outside, buying more and more clothes/accessories, expensive ones, sometimes purely wasting money you earn hard and spend every single penny you have.. its’ a sign of not being emotionally fulfilled, cause being able to buy things which a comparative set of people not be able to gives you a foul boost of a feeling that says you have control over your life.. however, you have that vacant space inside of you.. which can only be treated with companionship and nothing else..

We run behind few things in life.. we call ‘em career goals, but, what makes us really happy in life is not only just achieving your career goals but also having a happy personal life… having a true connection with your own self.. being contented.. you need to have settled all the basics, that’s what will strengthen the foundations and bring in emotional balance.. always remember.. you’ve a commitment to yourself to be happy, so vouch for it!!! :)

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Hungry for Success?? Go for it!!

Ever felt that you’re somewhat accomplished but still hungry for success? you thought if you’d reach here you won’t be looking for more but you are? hunger for more? and when you get that you want even more?

Let me tell you that’s your passion for self realization, that’s a state where you know your capabilities and that you can reach far ahead than where you are right now.. never let that zeal go anywhere.. fuel it.

Nothing is ever enough and it should be per me, I know there are theories,scriptures around satisfaction, but I’ll tell you what.. that is just help yourself feel happy about your achievements and about celebrating them.. I’ll say.. do that.. but still be looking for evolution.. how better could you more be..? what are the areas you need to improve upon? in personal life, professional life, your career, your health, your physical fitness, your brain activity, your judgement acumen, your human nature.. everything.. almost everything.. improving upon these consistently is the actual way to self realization.. I know run behind one a lot, we loose focus on other aspects, I’m no different.. am facing this..am aware of that.. but all I want to say is.. if possible.. try and keep the balance.. at-least in a few.. Keep rocking.

Remember.. its a process of continuous evolution! :)

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365 days of Awesomeness!!

The whole world celebrated the start of a new Year.. well the larger part of the world I should say.. ;)

New year resolutions.. everybody makes,largely break.. some live upto it.. a larger chunk of us couldn’t.. do you know,why? cause we don’t commit to it as the if its the necessity of are being to make that happen, cause we don’t commit to making it happen for our livelihood… people go depressed cause things don’t turn out they want ‘em too.. but have you ever noticed it largely cause may be we give up too soon.. our doubt ourselves? How about not taking no for an answer for what we truly want? How about consistently pursuing towards what we commit to be a necessary molding factor of the every next minute we spend.. how about consistently embarking on sequence of actions.. riding towards the goal.

Lets’ pledge to our own selves for what we truly are missing at this point.. love.. money… or absolutely anything to be the reason we’re breathing for.. to keep a positively overwhelmed head about and consistently hitting to achieve it.. pure 365 days of Awesomeness.. and I promise to you.. that if you or I live upto it.. being awesome will be part of our character.. I’m on it.. are you? :) B-)

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