A whole of rife…

When I’m with you I feel I have everything I want in the world…
Usually, people think, I’m full of myself;
What they don’t know is that there’s emptiness, inside that hard shell, it’s vacuum…
Not a space that you can see, move or breath in,  not a place that you can ever think of as a world…
So I may be full​ of myself, truth is I find incomplete what I call my own self;
Liberation, from this hollow joy, liberation from the dark glory, liberation from the so-called legendary awesomeness;
what people think I’m; liberation from it all I seek and want us to be one; want us to add up to a sum…
A sum of joy..
A sum of life..
Perhaps a little coy..
Togetherness; a sum of you and I, a whole of rife..
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Definitely Maybe…

Love it was or love it is.. was it love or what was it?
I thought it was or I thought it is.. or was it not then what was it?
Blanked I am or blanked was I.. or was I not? then what was I?
What I felt, I was sure.. or wasn’t I? then what happened there?
Are you sure? Of what you said.. or was it fear?
Fear of having found something, something real, of getting too close, afraid you were.
Did you understand it? Or confused you were?
Confused you still are.. you still are confused maybe..?
Nothing seems certain, nothing’s a cent percent sure.. everything could be definitive,
everything could be a maybe,
So definitely tentative,
…Definitely maybe.
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Find your sweet spot..

Hello again! All of you must say long time no see after seeing this post out, guess I’d just like to say that I was caught up with figuring out a few things and settling/smoothing a bunch of others. It’s nice to be back here, sharing my ideas, be it briefly.

So, all of you must have heard that story of father handing over a tiered newspaper containing the world map to his child to keep the kid busy and child comes back sooner than expected stating that he just turned the paper around, it was a man and when he fixed the man, the world was ok. You must have heard this story a many times, I first heard it from Robin Sharma in one of his podcasts. But what does it mean really? and why is this story relevant to the title here, finding out sweet spot? what am I trying to say? Is your mind boggling with all these questions right now?

Here’s what mean by it/how it’s relevant; Find the place you finally feel at peace, your personal life, your professional life, your social life, find your sweet spot, where don’t feel like a stranger anymore and then use it as your base to launch yourself into higher dimensions, use it as foundation and don’t lose it’s sight, do anything to persist/maintain and then build-upon it. No building is strong or can withhold an earthquake unless it has a really strong foundation.

Now there may be critics who’d say you should stay in one place, you should keep challenging yourself, and I don’t disagree, but what I want to emphasize on is that you need to have your sweet spot aka the baselines taken care of to give you support cushion or rather a base station to expand from. Until Next time! 🙂

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Why do we procrastinate ?

Well I guess most of us know why we do so, ain’t it simple, we don’t want to face it.. whatever it is we’re procrastinating on. I’d say give yourself a day to play victim but not more, don’t hide away, don’t postpone it, face it! The more you keep pushing action away on something that’s necessary, the harder it becomes for you to get into the groove. Remember, it’s you who limits yourself. No one else.

Realize, that whatever it is you’re avoiding is important for you, it’s necessary for you to reach your next level. Not having the energy/courage to take it head-on shouldn’t stop you. You have all the energy and courage to get things done within you. All you gotta do is just take a deep breath, sleep it off if you need to but then be determined to crush it, be ready to destroy it, be sharp as a knife to strip the procrastination layer off of you and shine, shine bright! Go on, Rock it! Adios! Till next time! 🙂

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Emotions are an investment

Think about it for a second, think deeply and then tell me if you don’t agree. Why is there disappointment? Why is there happiness? Why is there dissatisfaction? Why is there satisfaction? Why is there the feeling of achievement? Why is there depression? It’s all because of balanced and imbalanced emotions, just like investments. We should be wise about it, I know there are a lot of situations where it’s hard to control ourselves and we get so emotionally vested that we’re out of our minds, it get’s hard to think, get’s hard to control how we feel, happy/sad in fractions of seconds. Why do you think Emotional Intelligence is even a term or a criteria to assess people? It’s because a lack impacts decisiveness, it makes hard for one to make choices, it makes hard for one to think and act clearly, makes hard for one to focus and direct him/herself.

The way out? It’s to use and spend the emotional quotient wisely, it’s to have control over it. I know it sounds sadistic, but trust me it’s wise. Unless you have that person around whom you love the most in the world and that person reciprocates the same, it’s useless, in-fact harmful for you to be anymore emotionally vested than the other person. A person who can balance his/her emotions, can certainly take balanced decisions and can avoid getting hurt by his/her own emotions, which happens quite often in this world. So, don’t unleash the gates of your emotional river the minute you meet someone you think is worthy. Let time pass by, assess the other person’s investment and then reciprocate. I know, you must be thinking, what joy a relation would bring if it’s calculated? But, tell you what? let it reach the un-calculated phase first, don’t jump on the band wagon right away. Life requires being practical. Adiós (for now ofcourse! 🙂 )

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To me you’re everything…

Your memory is so impressionable,it's making my sense of judgement questionable.

Guess some things in life are hard to recover from,
We were not so close, I don't know how you became everything,
You did not belong here, but why did it seem that my heart is where you are from.
It gets hard day by day, gets hard all the way, gets hard to tame these feelings,
Feels there is no healing.

There is no recovering from you, 
only moving ahead, moving away,moving on, going on without you, 
But how do I do that, how do I move on from you, 
when the world seems to be revolving around you. 
I can't, I can't, I can't let go. 
How do I tell you, how do I make you understand, how do I convince you, 
When its not me you seek, all the power to change the world's with you.
When did I become so powerless in my own world, it's my life, I rule it, I'm supposed to be the one having control,
Then suddenly you came and it all went for a roll.
I know you didn't mean to, but things did change, 
You should be the one guilty you can't be innocent, it's because of you that my life is estranged.
I know I'm blaming you, even when you did nothing,
but that's exactly why I'm framing you, because you did nothing.

Even when you knew that you are everything,
To me you're everything.
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Work Hard, Play Hard; Life falls in Place!!

That’s kind of those phrases almost everyone who either is or not a workaholic uses, but, to be honest, I think that really is the gist of life. Just focus on what you want, work as hard as you can and have as much fun as you can when you’re not at work/working on your goal, everything else just falls in place. You know what they say, life happens. What I think, it does, not largely, but often. Things that’re beyond your control will be taken care of and will unfold and happen on their own, what your part is? It’s to give the best of yourself in any and everything that you do and don’t wait, keep going for the NEXT, just keep doing what you’re doing and you’d be surprised to see things unfolding on their own. That’s about it for now.. Rock’n’Roll!!! 🙂

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