You and I, are a dream.

You and I are a dream,
Mischievous, had me believe,
Playful, had me jump,
Tried to not buy it,
You had me receive;
The idea of us together.
You with your smile,
And flirtations,
talking chalets and camp fires,
Though I didn’t want,
Kept raging my desires,
Pumping me heart and veins,
Having my thoughts change,
About me and you,
I didn’t believe, you still had me receive,
The idea of us together.
Seem you quite lost now,
As if all you cooked,
Was never a reality but only a dream.
A dream you never forced in my head,
A dream that wasn’t ever had.
Even if you come back now,
Let me tell you darling, as I scream,
You and I honey, are a dream.
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We just probably are…

Looks like you have my heart…
Hopefully you won’t be another one breaking it apart…

Every time I have to pickup the pieces and then I sew it and I move and marte
You seem sweet, you seem plausible, you seem intriguing, maybe this is it? But then I think probably not?!

It seems like you like me, it appears that you adore me, we gel pretty well, maybe this is it? But then I think probably not?!

You’re so flirty, you’re so playful, how do I know you’re serious? how do I know you mean what you say you do? How do I know you’re who you seem you’re?!

Off all this confusion, my heart’s still racing, every time I think of you, everytime I think about us, even though we’re not next to each other, even though we’re so far!

Show me a sign, make me believe that it really is so, you mean what you say, you really are who you say you are!

We get along, we challenge each other, that’s always good, that’s always wonderful, I think we may join each other and we may go together, build a world larger than life, i feel we will drive life at par!

Maybe even more, maybe so much, it’s never enough, the love we share, keeps growing, grows so much it goes beyond bizzare!

Considering the time we’ve spent together this far, maybe this is it? But then I think probably not?! And we’re actually not meant to be, we’re just here now, and we just probably are…

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Helping people… don’t make it a business!

Well, make it a business and don’t, I know and I’m sure you’re confused and you must be thinking what am I trying to convey here, do I even know what I want to say? The answer is YES, I know what I want to say, and it is, make it your business to help people don’t make it a business in the sense of just seeking profits. You must have heard quite a few times, ‘People are business’, it’ll totally, absolutely, certainly depend on the person stating and the person receiving the message which’ll define what the original intent is and how it’s been perceived. Yes People are business, in the sense that you take care of people working with/for you, and they’ll take care of your business, your client’s interests, however, people are not commodities for business, not a business vehicle. Doesn’t matter how you frame it, if that’s what you’re doing in the end, even if you’re conveying it as if you’re helping them, it’s unethical, it just takes wise/experienced wo/men to figure the  difference in these two things, it’s only intent that defines what the person’s in it for, and just the intent makes all the difference as it’ll define what’s going to be a by-product of such an intricate action. So, be wise, be ethical, know the difference and avoid opportunities(options that seem like opportunities) that make you compromise your ethics in any way, shape or form. Adios for now!

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It’ll be SHAZAM!

It was juvenile yet serene,
your presence around me, something it did mean.
Lack of it I can instantly feel,
Howsoever brief it may have been,
Something to me, it still did mean.
You’re not the one to be in one place,
You’re a butterfly, world’s yours to chase,
Still I did dream, us lying there,
Having fun teasing each other,
Waking up to you is still a wish,
Maybe someday it does come true,
I can just imagine the songs nature on such a day will sing…
A tender warm sunrise, the innocence on your face,
your smooth hair, the cutesy shape of your nose, birds chirping, clouds moving, waves in the lake dancing…
Your deep hazel eyes, a universe of it’s own…
Your soft lips, like a door to heaven, have me flown…
Up in the air, floating I am…
Just imagining how would it be.
If it does come true, it’ll be SHAZAM!
Oh love, maybe someday, we can be together,
Can’t wait, can’t wait to get there.
If it may not for some reason be for long, I’d just like to relive the moments, when you’re here.
Close to me, closer to my heart,
Your bouncy playful energy doing it’s part.
Up in the air, floating I am…
Just imagining how would it be.
If it does come true, it’ll be SHAZAM!
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Missed Avenues… Don’t regret.

Guess you kinda know from the title what I’m here to talk about, but if don’t or at least not to the depth that I’m going to go into keeping the verbiage as short as possible… here goes…

I think we all know having lived a few years on our own that our choices make our destiny (Luck comes into picture, but work is essential, we’ll talk in detail on this, some other time! Moving on… ), there’s always been situations/points in-time we made choices, did or didn’t take a certain path, things did or didn’t work out, what I’ve personally observed is that whatever happens always works out for the best (cliché , I know! But, it’s true, I’ve way too many examples, not that I’m gonna share, too personal! 😀 ). People you met or didn’t , job/work/business opportunities you grabbed or passed on, real estate bought or didn’t, that boat/yacht/tank you wanted to buy.. and you BOUGHT IT?! or didn’t… that workout/beauty routine you wanted to try… you DID or didn’t… Meh, just know that, be happy about what you’ve attained and then work towards what you want to attain, just don’t have any regrets about any ‘Missed Avenues’.

Remember and repeat after me, In-Life; No matter what happens; No Regrets!


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Wherever you are…

Wherever you are…
Near or far…
I’ll find you… Stop at nothing…
Until I know… For sure… That it’s a thing…
Whoever you are, however you are…
Know that, I’m here, near or far…
I’ll be waiting, I’ll be trying…
At every attempt, that catches my sight…
Until we meet, and let love greet…
It’s a funny thing, What we call time…
It’s everything and nothing at the very same time…
It’s everything to build up something…
And it’s nothing when there’s no one to share a thing…
Yeah I’ve got family and friends…
And I’m indeed happy…
But perhaps you do or do not know, that it’d be different when we’ll meet and connected get the two ends…
Two ends, forming one, forming a sacred bond, forming happiness, forming love, forming life, and making it all transcend…
Beyond existence, beyond time, beyond anything godsend…
So wherever you’re, know that, I’ll find you and I won’t rest, keep searching, keep working, until it so happens that we finally meet and time bends.
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Authenticity.. what is it?

We all know the literal meaning, not necessarily do we know what it actually means for someone to be, for someone to feel authentic. You know that good old advice people give you when you’re starting out to network, ‘Be yourself’, that’s it. That’s all it means… to be authentic, to have authenticity in your approaches towards things you do for yourself/others, your thoughts, your actions, your words, how credible you are really?!

Another essential part is; how comfortable you are in your skin? Now you might be thinking what does it have to do with being authentic, here’s my view behind calling it an essential part, how comfortable you feel in your skin drives all your thoughts and actions, and your thoughts and actions are majorly the two virtues that make the difference between credible individuals and the ones deceiving others. The more you know yourself, the more you’re comfortable with who you are ,i.e., comfortable in your skin(And bones too 😉 ), all the more authentic and virtuous you’re going to be.

Bottomline; learn yourself, embrace it, let it spread(only if it’s positive though, don’t bring in an apocalypse of negativity lol, otherwise I’d have to call you Darth Vader. XD ).  Adios.. for now! B-)

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