Exiled from love

Push it away or tear it down
Finds me and I leave the town

Run afar from those who choose
To stay close and amuse

Shower love, disdain fallacy
Care with purity,
Noble gestures Humble humility

Still waters of springly hope
Charming and chivalrous 
Attaining eloop

Ohh was I so sweet, ever so pure
Tormented by time, thus love be crime
From those I did so adore

The heavenly covenant to protect the shores
Shattered the towns, torn apart all doors

Should we ever build cities?
Carve out castles?
When these are always going to fall..
Bare out the tarsals..

Ever so loved, ever stepped so soon
To attain a star or be it a moon

All ever delivered or received
Was just disfame
Be told how was it so just
And quiet insane

To love anyone, dream of a haus
it was so foolish, be naive it must
Broken trust
So brainly louse

All that happened, took away all give
Not to ever imagine or hope we must
to not ever dream, breaths a lively shiv
Can't ever be cured or sustainably allure
Know that I am, just exiled from love.
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I wasn’t so sure…

I wasn't so sure...
Maybe not so secure...
Didn't wanna loose sighting...
Didn't wanna be fighting...

I wanted to keep talking...
Just wanted be slyming..
And listening to your heart...

Thoughts wanted to keep rhyming...
Keep listening to your heart...

Babe, watching you go,
Was a moment afoe,
I just was so glad,
To have you attached.

Maybe you weren't so
Maybe not even sure,
You said I've been a good timing,
For the love be declining
Into your heart

I got so bethrilling, 
And thought I was killing!
And being so smart!
Cause, I was listening to your heart.

Babe, want you to know,
Seeing you go,
Was a moment afoe.

Why did this do you do?
Distance me and you,
Babe we were so happy!
And you seemed so chirpy!
You always kept smiling,
Told me I was good timing,
For love be declining,
Into your heart.

Babe, I did do tell you!
I was scared for us,
Babe were you then listening?!
Or were miles apart?

Babe now that we're broken,
Babe are you not shaken?

Babe we weren't so different,
Both looking for love,
Seeking compassion,
With a nurturing heart.

When you pushed me away,
Though slow been it may,
You did take a choice,
Maybe you did rejoice!

Babe I can't just tell,
What was that spell,
You casted on me,
That I could not so see!

You were still strange,
Your emotions deranged.

Maybe I was bedazzled?
Keeping me tussle,
Powerful was your charm,
I could not sense the harm,
Empowering me!

Alas, I wasn't so sure,
When you said you wanted to go,
I wasn't secure...
Eventually loosing,
What we had at that moment,
Would have made a good omen!

Could have frozen it up,
Could have stopped the watch,
Every clock!

But I wasn't so sure,
Maybe not so secure,
Cause I didn't wanna loose sighting,
Thoughts wanted to keep rhyming,
Keep listening to your heart,
Be it miles apart,
It didn't feel so far.

So bizarre!
I couldn't believe,
What happened to me?!

How was I so charmed,
You had me disarmed.
Just by being with me,
You set me free...
From every adage.

Why did you go?
That moment afoe!
I wasn't so sure,
Maybe not so secure...

You held on to silence,
a powerful violence!

A nuclear weapon, 
dangerous fusion,
Silence and beauty, 
Silence and timing,
Silence slyming, 
rhyming by itself,
Fission exploded,
Emotions sharded...

Perhaps, I had a hunch,
So, I wasn't secure...
I wasn't so sure...
This beauty will kill,
It will explode..
Shatter every hope..
I wasn't so sure...
I wasn't secure...
I wasn't so sure...
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Don’t ask why, but How Can I?

Don't ask why, Ask, How Can I?! 
How Can I Breakthrough?! 
How can I get where I want to? 
Would this 'How' be enjoyable? 
Or Would the 'How' be challenging enough to be enjoyable?
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Enjoy the Journey, Celebrate the Learnings!

Take time to relax, breath, introspect.
Love the learnings.
Measure your success/growth from the learnings attained.
Mountain tops are just milestones, it’s the learnings picked up along the way that carry true sense of achievement.


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Let me tell you, you looked lovely…

With that jumpsuit of a dress,
Curated to put hearts in a mess,
Let me tell you, you looked lovely.

Honey, those shoes you wore, those heals,
Bagged my heart beat in air tight seals.

The way your nostrils flared,
When you were a tiny mad,
We're at that metro station,
You expecting an explanation,
on our restaurant reservation...

Where I told you it was fine,
You just had to trust me, moonshine.
I was okay to see your stirred keel,
Though was mesmerized, by the reel...
Your emotions for once on a wheel...
See you go off on a spiel...

In that moment you were so real,
being that sure of anything ever, so much!
Can't think of that appeal,
That I want you just for me, ohh nuts!

What happened was just sudden,
I think I just wasn't certain,
That I was actually ready to go settle,
But you brought that hope back...
Wish I could have gotten through to you too!
If you'd let me, I would've known the You you!

You took it all back,
You pulled me outside,
Right on the roadside,
And left me out back,
You took it all back!
Like lender's payback!

But let me tell you looked lovely,
When you closed one of your eyes and ears,
like on the cross sides...
Telling the polish waitress,
that I'm gawędziarski...

You looked so cute in that moment,
You looked like a  child,
You looked so pristine.

When we were walking and you shivered,
I was ready to get hiver-ed,
By love in a bee stack,
You be the queen bee,
I'll be the king P,
But let me tell you looked lovely,
Like Hudson on the east side.

Babe, I do feel really sorry,
Cause it didn't work with us dear charry,
Wanted you to be Mon Cherie,
But you stood behind the walls of Fort Mc.Flurry.

But let me tell you looked lovely,
I was rolling on a cart of a deli,
tobogganing on a coaster hilly,
white and cold and frozen and darn chilly,
But I loved it being silly!
Cause let me tell you, you looked lovely!
O Hon, you looked lovely!
Sweetie, you looked lovely!
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Bouncing from Setbacks

Plow through, you’ll get there! Time has the power to heal and rebuild. It does get easy!
Persistence, Perseverance, Will!
Something’s bugging you? Gather the courage and peep in!
At times things that seem difficult are actually pretty simple,all you need to deal with, is gathering the courage to step ahead and peep in.
It’s the one thing you try to run from that gets you through at times.
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Relationships… How to and why?!

Be selfless. It’s not a win win. Give more and more and more Don’t expect anything at all, to keep yourself happy and content! Don’t burn the bridges. Foster the right relationships with the right people.

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