How to put your Demons to work?

Key message : Channelize Energy

1. Work with ADHD and yet be Productive

2. Work with OCD and have clean surroundings without being obsessed

3. Be Angry and yet productive


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How to overcome Stress?


  1. Detach yourself.
  2. Identify the source.
  3. Layout a plan to pillar the pivots.
  4. Accommodate changes to behaviour and lifestyle.
  5. Make temp/perm moves.
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Be a Postman, Show up!

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Taking long term decisions, the right approach.

What is the right approach? What kind of decisions am I talking about? Any decision that is associated with a long term goal, has the potential to affect your life or others’.

Let’s dive into the approach, first let’s talk about the reason this thought came to my mind, during an Uber ride, we were discussing a career decision my Uber driver made, and I heard him saying, there won’t be a saturation for next 15-20 years, and the switch in my head clicked! Saturation? Really, that’s how you’re making a long term decision? Something that might affect the rest of your life, you’re just looking at the next 15-20 years?  Now, I’m not a certified career counsellor, but he mentioned making an investment in this stream of study, so it’ll keep him ahead of the curve in the said field for the next 15-20 years, that just ticked me off, of-course I didn’t get mad or anything, but I did shake my head in disappointment hearing the two words ‘investment’ and ‘saturation’ in one sentence.

What I said to him; If you’re looking at something as an investment as opposed to an interest, don’t go by how long the saturation will be from today, go by whether it’s simple and evolving enough to last forever.

Now this approach, you can apply to anything, any additional skill you decide on pursuing, any formal education in a certain field, anything you’re investing your resources in. Cheers!

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I was asked… is motivation draining?

Ran into someone and we got talking, I think I conveyed the response on the spot. However, I think this is something that could help everyone so thought to share it here. We already know the question, let’s dive straight into the answer; Pure? No. Now, I realize it’s getting controversial here, like a lot of people would say what’s Impure Motivation? Are you questioning certain people? Are you questioning us? My response ‘NO’.

What I mean by the word ‘Pure’ in this context is if it’s really your goal/a cause close to your heart to help people, you’ll feel energized by it. You won’t feel drained. Do you know how a battery works? Charge flows from positive to negative. Now, I realize, you must be thinking; Aha! Doesn’t a battery get drained and eventually runs out of charge? Yes it does. But do you know there’s also a concept of earthing? (In electrical circuits). That’s why, so it doesn’t necessarily/at all drain you, you should stay grounded. Yes, grounded in the sense of being humble, but also emotionally stable. It does sadden our heart sometimes, seeing people/ourselves in trouble, but you don’t let it affect you, because what you’re trying to achieve here is bigger than anything, and that keeps you always positive. Feel good about yourself, if you were kind enough to help someone selflessly. When was the last time you helped someone without expecting something in return?

Has it been that long? Go do it now! 🙂

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Find your champions!

What does it mean? Am I talking about hiring/recruitment? In a way, you know how all of us that are focused on growth in all different aspects are? It relates to that. Consider it an advise if you may. Usually, most people are capable of being an all-rounder themselves, some of us have sticking points, some of us need a little help in achieving our goals, some of us can be our own coaches. However, what I’m proposing to you here, is to go out and find your champions, people who’re professionally trained in a certain area and can coach you to success, to achieve your goals in that aspect/area of life. Remember how Robin Sharma suggests paying for personal trainer is an investment. It does two things :

  1. Ensures you’re growing in an extra dimension of your personality/are acquiring a new skill. (An upgrade, if you will 😉 ).
  2. Gives you headspace to focus on extra/new goals/additional goals/expansion.

Now for those of you looking to find out what all areas I’m being coached-in by my set of champions; getting too personal, aren’t we? 🙂

Keep growing, keep rocking.

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You and I, are a dream.

You and I are a dream,
Mischievous, had me believe,
Playful, had me jump,
Tried to not buy it,
You had me receive;
The idea of us together.
You with your smile,
And flirtations,
talking chalets and camp fires,
Though I didn’t want,
Kept raging my desires,
Pumping me heart and veins,
Having my thoughts change,
About me and you,
I didn’t believe, you still had me receive,
The idea of us together.
Seem you quite lost now,
As if all you cooked,
Was never a reality but only a dream.
A dream you never forced in my head,
A dream that wasn’t ever had.
Even if you come back now,
Let me tell you darling, as I scream,
You and I honey, are a dream.
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