Help me fund the stay of a disabled child in an adapted vacation camp!

The Drop Zone event to which I am participating is a fundraising activity for the benefit of disabled children and their families. On September 24th 2014, I will rappel down the building located at 1981 McGill College in downtown Montreal. The amount raised by each participant will allow a child to spend a dream vacation in a camp completely adapted to his needs, while supervised by attentive and devoted instructors as well as a highly qualified health care team. By sponsoring me, you are helping to fight against the isolation and exclusion that these children live with. You are giving one of them a chance to create friendships, to improve his self-esteem and to gain some independence. Also, you are giving his parents the chance to catch their breath, knowing that their child is in capable and caring hands. To sponsor me, click here.

Source: Help me fund the stay of a disabled child in an adapted vacation camp!

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2014 in review – thank you everyone! :)

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

A New York City subway train holds 1,200 people. This blog was viewed about 4,100 times in 2014. If it were a NYC subway train, it would take about 3 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

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Living life..

Its been quite a while since I published the post, I’ve about 60 people across the world who are following this blog at this point so I think you guys kinda be waiting to hear from me..

Well, the reason I’m away is that I’ve relocated to North America recently and until now I was kinda trying to settle, well, still working to bring the routine in place, but that’s my challenge these days, meanwhile I’m also busy living the life these days.. enjoying simple pleasures, cooking everyday.. its fun!

This post is not really specific, just to share updates and pass on a bit of an insight on living life, enjoying every minute of it. You see there’s no patterns here, its’ unpredictable, one moment this and one moment that, no one has control, it flows on its’ own pace and in its’ own directions, what we can do at times when we have the least bit of control is to influence the direction a bit, according to our passion, certainly there’s that proverb of “try try and try again..” and that is as valid as life itself… now I leave you to do the thinking, have questions, please feel free to comment! :)

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Re-discovering yourself…

Hola people! I know I’ve been away for quite a while, but today.. just felt to jump back in.

Big Title! right? Means a lot to a lot of people, is a question, is a suggestion, is a thought, is a goal, is a process, multitude of things when you think about it openly.

So, When is the best time to do it? I’d say the perfect, best most time to go for it, is…. when you’re truly lost in yourself, or when you’ve lost direction, or when you’re trying to find out what more you can do, or simply a what’s next move?

TBH(To Be Honest).. For me it goes periodically, I know it’ll be over a couple of months, an year may be.. but I keep doing this, it’s like the consistent self assessment of knowing who you’ve become and what else could you be, how could you enhance your current state of being, what else can you achieve in life, actually, what more can you achieve in life?

More like a WHERE TO??( from here on).

So keep it alive! Keep it real! Have fun! Every single moment, as much as it can be.

“A plus tard!!” :)

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Be the Mind Logan (Wolverine)

Ever wondered why few people are pretty “quick and good” at decisions, how could they get over something really fast? Just like Wolverine recovers from an injury..

Well, a few things which are common amongst these people are that they’re happy with what they are and where they’re going with it, they’re determined to make their life better.. they know who they are.. they know what they know and what they don’t.. and they’re confident within their skin.. they never try to be pretentious..

So, basically the key to getting over something or being fast at decisions is absolute clarity of your actual state and acceptance towards it and knowing what it’ll take to materialize the conceptualized targets. Now, stating the key facts behind being a good decision maker or a strong person.. do I need to tell you how to do all that?

I guess not, you’ll figure it out.. but um.. here’s one to start.. Just be yourself! :)

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Connect with yourself..

While browsing through a lot of stuff.. read it somewhere that you fall ill when you’re not in connect with God.. Well my take on this is.. that this very statement is partly true.. you’ve to be connected with your self.. you’ve to be contained.. then only you can be content.. your connection with almighty is your own self.. ever thought why all the preachers mention about knowing yourself.. why all the self development gurus talk about self realization???

Cause when you’ve known yourself.. your true purpose of being.. when you’ve known to take care of yourself.. rather you’re determined to take care of yourself.. that’s when you actually connect with god… well there’re other ways.. meditation is one of ’em.. cause in that you’re actually focusing on silence.. in real terms that’s the silence of thoughts.. channelizing your energy to absolute peace.. connecting to the abundant source of energy, recharging yourself… but then caring about yourself.. is also way.. you’re his creation.. he must also have thought of some purpose and hence he created you.. why not know your purpose and dedicate yourself to it…

Also, relationship-wise as well its really very important to connect with your soul, know how to take care of yourself.. living for yourself… then only you be content and capable enough of taking care of your near-dear ones… if you love yourself.. then you love others.. if you yourself are not happy.. you can’t make others around you happy.. that’s a fact!!!

So spend time with yourself.. love yourself(Well now this is figurative.. ;) ).. connect with yourself(still figurative.. ;) ), truly and cherish your being.. :)

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Being a Lone Wolf.. Bane or Boon?

Well, a lot of us these days, who haven’t settled down, are chasing something bigger than thyselves-set as their life goal are all Lone wolves in some manner.. we’ve a lot of happy moments, we have a lot of lonely moments to compliment the happy moments too..

What do you think? is it a Bane or a Boon? If you’re one(Lone Wolf), you know what I’m talking about, and on that node, you also know the answer to this question.. aah, heck, I’ll just say it.. its’ the extreme of both. For Boon, you can do whatever you wish, any number of times you wish.. for Bane, its’ still going, you’ve reached somewhere.. but it doesn’t end there.. you’ve to keep going and going and going.. as if you don’t belong any of these places, you belong somewhere far.. and just gotta keep going, plus, there’s the fact that you’re fighting this battle alone.. without a companion/partner..

But, I’ll say its very important to be self dependent these days.. for some reason I don’t know yet.. Life’s always been raising me like a Lone wolf.. I’ll may be eventually figure it out… but till yet, the bright side is.. I’m always there for myself, I don’t have to depend on anyone else but me.. I’m there to take care of myself, to fight for my rights, to run my own race..

Yes, Running your own race is what being a Lone wolf about. Atleast, that’s what I think, and also what I think applies to a lot of people out there.. so why not keep enriching the Boon factor.. and Keep polishing our nails(figurative).. or call it claws(Still figurative.. ;) ), if it were literal, that would be too girly.. and wolves are born to hunt.. not to sit on the couch and file nails.. :D

So.. happy Hunting goals eh! Hola! :)

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