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Don’t forget the balance..

Know what we know still we over-look it.. at times we run so crazy after things that we actually lose our focus and start doing things which, may be were not on the list or were actually a distraction or … Continue reading

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Tomcat gives 404

404, as we all know is a FileNotFound error, is caused when the server is unable to locate the requested resource. There will be posts that might sum up all the various reasons you get this when you hit your … Continue reading

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At times you get glimpses of what you really are.. be certain to observe it closely.. It’ll blow your mind when you’ll come to know the extremes of the potential you carry within yourself – unexplored, just run behind exploring … Continue reading

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Rise above inconvenience

The one who rises above the inconvenience is a true leader.. there’s nothing called a problem,if something exists that is just an opportunity to improve yourself.. to give you the grow that takes your life to another level and enhances … Continue reading

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Be responsible for your self

If you give your work to someone thinking they’ll do it quick, they won’t.. coz that’s the energy derivation, if you are posting your own work to someone else, how could you think of getting it done quick,its just you … Continue reading

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Learn from jerks on the path of life

Life it will teach you how to think,it will tell you the way to appreciate people helping you,it will teach you who’s worth your companionship,your compassion,your honesty and who’s will teach you whom to believe and whom not to.. … Continue reading

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Its good to face challenges.. Let others take their chances.. don’t steal it from them..

The other day i was on my way to office when i saw too lil ones crossing a high traffic street,one was around 3 and another around 6..for a fraction of a second i thought i shall stop and help … Continue reading

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