Its good to face challenges.. Let others take their chances.. don’t steal it from them..

The other day i was on my way to office when i saw too lil ones crossing a high traffic street,one was around 3 and another around 6..for a fraction of a second i thought i shall stop and help them cross the street,but then i thought,if they’re alone like this crossing the street,god knows how there life is ,what more they might be facing,i think it is important for them to learn that,practiced a few more times they’ll get the courage and understanding as to how to do it better,at times we do have responsibilities to other people but there are a few bigger ones as well,always look for what more you can provide and how can you help each other in growing..the more you face,the more you go,the more frequent you face problems,the more early you’re gonna get good at things..enjoy life learning every moment..


About Prince Sewani

Technology enthusiast, philosopher, keen observer and a perfect communicator, I never hold myself back from what I want to say, I just wait and formulate it with right words. P.S. : Whatever is posted on this blog, shall not be copied. Should it be found that way, I'll be forced to take legal actions.
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