Have you tied yourself too hard?

No, really, I mean it, do you really stick to a routine all 7 days ‘non-stop’, (quoting ‘non-stop’ here coz that’s important πŸ˜‰ ). Yeah a routine is important to achieve something, but so is to ease out a bit,so is to get some fresh air.. ever noticed a plant fastened with a rope growing?

You might have never seen one such thing, but if you really wanna relate the example try it, fasten the stem of a plan too hard and see if it grows with the same amount of water and sunlight as was there without it being fastened, there are exceptions and there are rules, there are plants which don’t grow well without the rope but if you are the rule you won’t survive with a rope around you.

There’s a thin line between ‘to be tied along’ and ‘to be tied around’, as soon as you get it you’ll know the rules to juggle the game. Stick to a routine but take some personal time-off to rejuvenate yourself.. to realize what life’s about.. to realize your meaning to life.. to connect with yourself ‘better’ than ever before.

Go get ’em tiger!


About Prince Sewani

Technology enthusiast, philosopher, keen observer and a perfect communicator, I never hold myself back from what I want to say, I just wait and formulate it with right words. P.S. : Whatever is posted on this blog, shall not be copied. Should it be found that way, I'll be forced to take legal actions.
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5 Responses to Have you tied yourself too hard?

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  2. Cliky NHA says:

    thank you sir for providing us such a great knowledge and sharing of great piece of life living with us.

  3. lista de email says:

    hey this blog is wonderful, following you to see more posts.

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