Hurting me now.. rooting for the future you..

Baby m gonna go higher and higher. .
If you wanna settle low, it’s your desire. ..

The barrier you’ve been pressing at..
I know you’ve once been on the other side of that. .

Remember this and never forget. ..
Even if you’ll want, well you won’t be able to do that. .

You’ll have a crave and with time it’ll grow..
You may not notice it now, but it’ll show. .

Time’s gonna dig in it’s reel..
And I can see there’ll be no heal..

But I ain’t at all like that..
I’m a humanitarian,I wish you all the best..

You can’t see what you missing at..
This side its glorious and holy, the side am at..

Baby it’s not me, its you, it’s always been you..
Hurting me now and rooting for the future you..



About Prince Sewani

Technology enthusiast, philosopher, keen observer and a perfect communicator, I never hold myself back from what I want to say, I just wait and formulate it with right words. P.S. : Whatever is posted on this blog, shall not be copied. Should it be found that way, I'll be forced to take legal actions.
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