Emotions are an investment

Think about it for a second, think deeply and then tell me if you don’t agree. Why is there disappointment? Why is there happiness? Why is there dissatisfaction? Why is there satisfaction? Why is there the feeling of achievement? Why is there depression? It’s all because of balanced and imbalanced emotions, just like investments. We should be wise about it, I know there are a lot of situations where it’s hard to control ourselves and we get so emotionally vested that we’re out of our minds, it get’s hard to think, get’s hard to control how we feel, happy/sad in fractions of seconds. Why do you think Emotional Intelligence is even a term or a criteria to assess people? It’s because a lack impacts decisiveness, it makes hard for one to make choices, it makes hard for one to think and act clearly, makes hard for one to focus and direct him/herself.

The way out? It’s to use and spend the emotional quotient wisely, it’s to have control over it. I know it sounds sadistic, but trust me it’s wise. Unless you have that person around whom you love the most in the world and that person reciprocates the same, it’s useless, in-fact harmful for you to be anymore emotionally vested than the other person. A person who can balance his/her emotions, can certainly take balanced decisions and can avoid getting hurt by his/her own emotions, which happens quite often in this world. So, don’t unleash the gates of your emotional river the minute you meet someone you think is worthy. Let time pass by, assess the other person’s investment and then reciprocate. I know, you must be thinking, what joy a relation would bring if it’s calculated? But, tell you what? let it reach the un-calculated phase first, don’t jump on the band wagon right away. Life requires being practical. Adiós (for now ofcourse! 🙂 )


About Prince Sewani

Technology enthusiast, philosopher, keen observer and a perfect communicator, I never hold myself back from what I want to say, I just wait and formulate it with right words. P.S. : Whatever is posted on this blog, shall not be copied. Should it be found that way, I'll be forced to take legal actions.
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