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Enjoy the Journey, Celebrate the Learnings!

Take time to relax, breath, introspect. Love the learnings. Measure your success/growth from the learnings attained. Mountain tops are just milestones, it’s the learnings picked up along the way that carry true sense of achievement.   Advertisements

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Let me tell you, you looked lovely…

With that jumpsuit of a dress,Curated to put hearts in a mess,Let me tell you, you looked lovely.Honey, those shoes you wore, those heals,Bagged my heart beat in air tight seals.The way your nostrils flared,When you were a tiny mad,We’re … Continue reading

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Bouncing from Setbacks

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Relationships… How to and why?!

Be selfless. It’s not a win win. Give more and more and more Don’t expect anything at all, to keep yourself happy and content! Don’t burn the bridges. Foster the right relationships with the right people.

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