I wasn’t so sure…

I wasn't so sure...
Maybe not so secure...
Didn't wanna loose sighting...
Didn't wanna be fighting...

I wanted to keep talking...
Just wanted be slyming..
And listening to your heart...

Thoughts wanted to keep rhyming...
Keep listening to your heart...

Babe, watching you go,
Was a moment afoe,
I just was so glad,
To have you attached.

Maybe you weren't so
Maybe not even sure,
You said I've been a good timing,
For the love be declining
Into your heart

I got so bethrilling, 
And thought I was killing!
And being so smart!
Cause, I was listening to your heart.

Babe, want you to know,
Seeing you go,
Was a moment afoe.

Why did this do you do?
Distance me and you,
Babe we were so happy!
And you seemed so chirpy!
You always kept smiling,
Told me I was good timing,
For love be declining,
Into your heart.

Babe, I did do tell you!
I was scared for us,
Babe were you then listening?!
Or were miles apart?

Babe now that we're broken,
Babe are you not shaken?

Babe we weren't so different,
Both looking for love,
Seeking compassion,
With a nurturing heart.

When you pushed me away,
Though slow been it may,
You did take a choice,
Maybe you did rejoice!

Babe I can't just tell,
What was that spell,
You casted on me,
That I could not so see!

You were still strange,
Your emotions deranged.

Maybe I was bedazzled?
Keeping me tussle,
Powerful was your charm,
I could not sense the harm,
Empowering me!

Alas, I wasn't so sure,
When you said you wanted to go,
I wasn't secure...
Eventually loosing,
What we had at that moment,
Would have made a good omen!

Could have frozen it up,
Could have stopped the watch,
Every clock!

But I wasn't so sure,
Maybe not so secure,
Cause I didn't wanna loose sighting,
Thoughts wanted to keep rhyming,
Keep listening to your heart,
Be it miles apart,
It didn't feel so far.

So bizarre!
I couldn't believe,
What happened to me?!

How was I so charmed,
You had me disarmed.
Just by being with me,
You set me free...
From every adage.

Why did you go?
That moment afoe!
I wasn't so sure,
Maybe not so secure...

You held on to silence,
a powerful violence!

A nuclear weapon, 
dangerous fusion,
Silence and beauty, 
Silence and timing,
Silence slyming, 
rhyming by itself,
Fission exploded,
Emotions sharded...

Perhaps, I had a hunch,
So, I wasn't secure...
I wasn't so sure...
This beauty will kill,
It will explode..
Shatter every hope..
I wasn't so sure...
I wasn't secure...
I wasn't so sure...

About Prince Sewani

Technology enthusiast, philosopher, keen observer and a perfect communicator, I never hold myself back from what I want to say, I just wait and formulate it with right words. P.S. : Whatever is posted on this blog, shall not be copied. Should it be found that way, I'll be forced to take legal actions.
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