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Relationships… How to and why?!

Be selfless. It’s not a win win. Give more and more and more Don’t expect anything at all, to keep yourself happy and content! Don’t burn the bridges. Foster the right relationships with the right people. Advertisements

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Be a Postman, Show up!

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I was asked… is motivation draining?

Ran into someone and we got talking, I think I conveyed the response on the spot. However, I think this is something that could help everyone so thought to share it here. We already know the question, let’s dive straight … Continue reading

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Helping people… don’t make it a business!

Well, make it a business and don’t, I know and I’m sure you’re confused and you must be thinking what am I trying to convey here, do I even know what I want to say? The answer is YES, I … Continue reading

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