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How to clear Skype chat history on Ubuntu

As simple as select + delete. In the user’s folder within home folder press ctrl+h then inside .Skype folder enter the folder with the skype user name you want to clear history for and delete all the files with an … Continue reading

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Typo3 Vs. Alfresco

Here’s a comparison between Typo3 and Alfresco,both famous in there own paradigm : Features / Tool Alfresco TYPO3 Latest Stable Release 4 4.6 License LGPL GPL Latest Release Date 16/02/11 16/08/11 HSQL MySQL  Y Y PostgreSQL  Y Y Ingres  Y … Continue reading

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Tomcat gives 404

404, as we all know is a FileNotFound error, is caused when the server is unable to locate the requested resource. There will be posts that might sum up all the various reasons you get this when you hit your … Continue reading

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Generate font-metrics for True Type Fonts

Just a quick post on how to generate a Font-metrics file for a ttf available with you. The other day I was hitting FOP, I searched throughout the web googled around,checked out all the links in the search results that … Continue reading

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